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FREDERICTON: The Summer Poetry issue of The Fiddlehead was launched on August 26th at Westminster Books.

Frog Hollow’s Literary Criticism Monograph series will feature the work of Travis Lane in volume five (due late 2014-early 2015).

VANCOUVER: Jennifer Zilm will be reading on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at WORD VANCOUVER,Vancouver Public Library.
Jennifer Zilm’s The whole and broken yellows was shortlisted for the 2014 Robert Kroetsch Award and was reviewed in

HALIFAX: Chantelle Rideout will be reading with James Arthur at the SAINT MARY’S READING SERIES in early October. Chantelle’s book with Frog Hollow, Sotto Voce, was published last year.

FREDERICTON: Claire Kelly’s new book, Ur-Moth, will be launched during POETRY WEEKEND October 4-5, 2014.

Carousel Magazine - Frog Hollow Press was interviewed by Jim Johnstone in the Summer/Fall 2014 issue #33.


Play: Poems About Childhood
The Kid Series: volume one

Shane Neilson, editor

Shane Neilson has collected together poems about childhood and parenthood by over 25 Canadian poets. The list of assembled poets is a holistic who's who of Canadian poetry: Christian Bok, George Elliott Clarke, Alden Nowlan, Steven Heighton, Ken Babstock, Milton Acorn, Susan Holbrook, Travis Lane, Wayne Clifford, and more. These poems served Shane during the year his son and daughter were ill. An introductory essay provides a cognitive mapping of the provenance of the anthology, situating the poems that come afterward. Part scholarly, part impression, and all record of a difficult time, this is an unusual, idiosyncratic anthology that follows an emotional logic. The poems build a narrative of beauty, destruction, defiance, and life.
Play: Poems About Childhood is the first in a planned series of such " rotating personal canon" anthologies, and future anthologists in the series will put their stamp on the same topic by including poems that they apply to their own lives.

Edition of 150 copies, of which approx. 105 will be for sale.
ISBN 978-1-926948-18-8 84 pp Price $22.

Poetry by Claire Kelly

As is the case with many young female poets, Claire Kelly's first chapbook contains narratives of romance and poems that function according natural imagery and myth. But her work is formally varied - this chapbook contains a prose poem, a glosa, ekphrasis, and a very closely observed sequence - and it also works with themes of many masculine poets (war and violence). Thus Kelly isn't easily categorizable and the skill displayed within her lines pushes well past the mark expected in a debut. "How to Fall on a Sword: A Step-by-Step Guide" is alone worth the price of admission; so rare that a young one can movingly instruct the old in metaphor.

Edition of 100 copies. 36 pp.
ISBN 978-1-926948-20-1 Price $20.

Small Data
Poetry by Steve Noyes

Featuring short, tight lyrics of lexical exuberance, Small Data showcases the best work of Steve Noyes’ career to date. This small collection builds on Noyes' familiar humour and emotion, adding to the data already compiled about Noyes: a deft showman.

Edition of 125 copies. 48 pp.
ISBN 978-1-926948-17-1 Price $20.

Living in the Orchard: the Poetry of Peter Sanger
Literary Criticism Monograph: number four
by Amanda Jernigan
Artwork by John Haney

It gives Frog Hollow pleasure to bring together a young, talented Canadian poetry critic with Peter Sanger, dean of Canadian poetry criticism, and an unfairly neglected poet in his own right. Living in the Orchard is Amanda Jernigan’s intimate look at Sanger’s work and example. Suspicious of biography, Sanger is nonetheless intensely interested in the relationship between art and life: Jernigan considers the intersections between life and letters that his work enacts.
Including a comprehensive bibliography of Sanger’s prose-works, this monograph is both a major contribution to and a starting point for future Sanger scholarship. It includes new artwork by Jernigan’s husband, the visual artist John Haney, making for a tribute to Sanger’s own history of word-and-image collaborations. You will feel personally involved in this essay: a story of metamorphosis, it is a metamorphosis in itself.

Edition of 150 copies. 80 pp.
ISBN 978-1-926948-15-7
Price $22.

FORTHCOMING TITLES — Late 2014-early 2015

Sing to me in the cut: ekphrasis on George Walker by Canadian poets
Shane Neilson, editor
Wood engravings by George A. Walker

George Walker is one of the transcendent artists of our time. That he largely works in wood engravings has limited his popular appeal but recent efforts (like Walker's The Life and Times of Conrad Black, a biography of Conrad Black published by the Porcupine's Quill & The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook, also from the Porcupine's Quill, also a biographical mosaic of its famous subject) will change that. Early accomplishments will cement his legacy too: Walker was the first Canadian to illustrate Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass.
Walker's track record transforming other cultural materials into art has now been paid back in a very preliminary sense: Frog Hollow Press' Sing to me in the cut is a book of ekphrasis by Canadian poets who have responded to images in either of Walker's The Inverted Line (PQL 2000) or Images from the Neocerebellum (PQL 2007). Poem and wood engravings are paired in the book, demonstrating that Walker has inspired several generations of Canadian poets. The poets range from mature, generation-leading talents like Al Moritz to up-and-comers like Blair Trewartha. Each poet answers George's incredible work, agreeing that, yes, the roads are their veins; the moon matters; portraits are always of pain; that there's something not right with the picture.

Edition of 150 copies, of which approx. 105 will be for sale.
ISBN 978-1-926948-22-5 Due late 2014-early 2015

The Human Equation: the Poetry of Jim Johnstone
Literary Criticism Monograph: number two
by Shane Neilson

Edition of 125 copies. ISBN 978-1-926948-16-4
Price & other details tba. Due 2015

Title tba: the Poetry of M. Travis Lane
Literary Criticism Monograph: number five
by Jan Zwicky, Jeanette Lynes and Shane Neilson

Edition of 125 copies. ISBN 978-1-926948-
Price & other details tba. Due 2014-2015

The Child Alone
The Kid Series: volume two

Brian Bartlett, editor

This second volume will focus on “poems about childhood
without a parental point-of-view.”

Edition of 150 copies, of which approx. 105 will be for sale.
ISBN 978-1-926948.
Price & other details tba. Due 2015


The whole and broken yellows: Van Gogh poems and others
Poetry by Jennifer Zilm

ISBN 978-1-926948-14-0
(see catalogue for other details)

The Critique of Pure Reason
by Ross Leckie

Edition of 125 numbered copies. 45 pp.
ISBN 978-1-926948-13-3 NOTE: SOLD OUT
ISBN 978-1-926948-19-5 (second edition)
(see catalogue for ordering second edition)

Dr. Acorn or: how I joined the Canadian Liberation Movement and learned to love the stern nurse fusion-bomb sun
Literary criticism monograph: number three
by Shane Neilson

ISBN 978-1-926948-12-6
(please see catalogue for other details)

Friar Biard's Primer to the New World
an illustrated poem
Poetry by Asa Boxer
and Illustrations by James Hillis

ISBN 978-1-926948-08-9
(please see catalogue for other details)

Poetry by Jim Johnstone
Cover & title page art by Michael Pittman

Edition of 100 numbered copies. 44 pp.
ISBN 978-1-926948-11-9 SOLD OUT
(please see catalogue for other details)

Contemporary Canadian Poetry, volume 7
Poetry by David Helwig
Cover painting by George Loewen

ISBN 978-1-926948-09-6 and 978-1-926948-10-2
(please see catalogue for other details)

Sotto Voce
Poetry by Chantelle Rideout
Cover & title page photographs
by Patricia Robinson

ISBN 978-1-926948-07-2
(please see catalogue for other details)

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