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read carefully – rules will apply

In 2003, I sent an unsolicited manuscript to Frog Hollow Press as part of their  inaugural chapbook contest. I won, and The Beaten-Down Elegies was my first  substantial publication. As I look back, I recognize how incredibly lucky I was: the  type was letterpress, the interior image of a barn was hand-coloured, and the  physical object had an earthy tactility (a brown, corrugated St Armand cover).

I was spoiled that first time out, but the spoils continued for me based on my  continuing association with Frog Hollow Press.  I soon became editor of the press  and was able to work with young and established Canadian talent. I developed  unique book series in collaboration with Caryl, some of which involved selected  poem volumes with a specific focus, a monograph series by poets who have a  tremendous affective identification with their chosen subject, and various radical  anthologization projects.  We just keep creating at Frog Hollow!

But there's been a noted absence of strong manuscript submissions at the  press since I began actively soliciting them in person a few years ago. Though we  still receive blind submissions (and this is the preferred way! If you don't know me  personally and are using social media to befriend me before submitting a ms, piss  off!) and though some of these are taken by the press, we get too few of them.

Perhaps my favourite thing as an editor is to encounter the unprecedented,  unexpected manuscript. I love that experience, and the reason is that my life  changed for the better when I won the contest. Publishing The Beaten-Down Elegies transformed my life and this is the attitude I infectiously carry whenever I publish a  new, unsolicited manuscript — I hope it changes the life of the newly published poet  to the same extent.

To address the relative lack of unsolicited submissions at Frog Hollow,  we’ve decided to run our contest for the second time. We do it every decade or so!  To enter, please send us an email — send it to with your name  and the title of your manuscript only. Include an attachment (as a .doc file)  containing your manuscript AND the manuscript title.

We recommend that your attached manuscript be 30 .doc pages or less.


DO NOT include publication credits for the poems you send.
DO NOT identify yourself on the attached manuscript else we will throw it out ­
         we insist that the winning chapbook is one that is absolutely unknown to us.
DO identify yourself in the email letter (not in the attachment)
DO include the manuscript title in the email (and in the attachment)
There is no submission fee.  There was none when I submitted!  We might not
  letterpress anymore, but we still make beautiful books and we hope we can change 
your life.



Poetry chapbook by Danny Jacobs
Artwork by Jesse Jacobs

Danny Jacobs already has a reputation as a poet with an impeccable sonic sense. In Loid, Jacobs builds upon his skill with sound and writes poems with heart, formal elegance, and structure. This chapbook suggests his next full-length collection will be unstoppable. Frog Hollow watches this New Brunswicker with real pride!

Printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Via Vellum and Smyth-sewn into a full-colour soft cover. Endpapers.

Edition of 125 numbered copies.
ISBN 978-1-926948-30-0 — Price $18 — Due early 2016.

The City Series: number three — Toronto
Jess Taylor, editor

Printed on 70 lb. paper and Saddle Stitched (stapled) into a full colour cover. 40 pp.

Edition of 150 copies
ISBN 978-1-926948-31-7 — Price $10.00 (incl. postage) — Due early 2016

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The City Series: number two — Fredericton
Rebecca Salazar, editor

The City Series: number one — Vancouver
Michael Prior, editor

And coming soon:

The City Series: number four — Edmonton
Claire Kelly, editor


Brotherly Love
Poetry chapbook by Annick MacAskill

Printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Via Vellum and Smyth-sewn into a full-colour soft cover. Endpapers.

Edition of 125 numbered copies.
ISBN 978-1-926948-32-4 — Price & other details tba — Due 2016.

Nobody’s Empire
Poetry chapbook by Nathaniel G. Moore

Printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Via Vellum and Smyth-sewn into a full-colour soft cover. Endpapers.

Edition of 125 numbered copies.
ISBN 978-1-926948-33-1 — Price & other details tba — Due summer 2016.

The City Series: number four — Edmonton
Claire Kelly, editor

Printed on 70 lb. paper and Saddle Stitched (stapled) into a full colour cover. 40 pp.

Edition of 150 copies
ISBN 978-1-926948-34-8 — Price $10.00 (incl. postage) — Due summer 2016.

Poetry chapbook by Laura McCrae

Printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Via Vellum and Smyth-sewn into a full-colour soft cover. Endpapers.

Edition of 125 numbered copies.
ISBN 978-1-926948-35-5 — Price & other details tba — Due summer 2016.


Milk Teeth
Poetry chapbook by Daniel Kincade Renton
Artwork by Eva Brannen

Dan Renton's long-awaited chapbook debut (by everyone, especially us!). Like Michael Prior, Renton appears with Frog Hollow as fully-formed poet: formal, or fun, or menacing, Renton seems to have perfected the art of leaving audiences wanting more (including us!)

Printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Via Vellum and Smyth-sewn into a full-colour soft cover. Endpapers. 40 pp.

Edition of 125 numbered copies.
ISBN 978-1-926948-27-0 — Price $18

The Child Alone
The Kid Series: volume two

Brian Bartlett, editor
Artwork by Laura Bartlett

This second volume will focus on “poems about childhood without a parental point-of-view.”

The Poets:
Margaret Avison –Tim Bowling – Alice Burdick – Don Coles – Nancy Holmes – M. Travis Lane – Irving Layton – Ross Leckie – Dennis Lee – Sharon McCartney – Carmelita McGrath – Don McKay – Eric Miller – Vanessa Moeller – Alden Nowlan – Eric Ormsby – P. K. Page – James Reaney – Robyn Sarah – Eleonore Schönmaier – Carmine Starnino – Bruce Taylor – Susan Telfer – Patrick Warner

The Kid Series evolves, in this instance with Brian Bartlett selecting poems that involve the theme and subject of childhood, and with the requisite series twist: these poems feature a child-consciousness without the overwhelming presence of a parent speaker. To introduce the volume, Brian has written a superb essay that contextualizes the "kid poem" in Canada and also establishes his own personal vision of the form.

Printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Via Vellum and Smyth-sewn into a full-colour soft cover. Endpapers. 78 pp.

Edition of 150 copies, of which approx. 105 will be for sale.
ISBN 978-1-926948-21-8 — Price $22

See also

The Kid Series — volume 1 
(see catalogue for details):

Play: Poems About Childhood
The Kid Series: volume one

Shane Neilson, editor

Poems by: Acorn - Babstock - Barwin - Beaulieu - Besner - Betts - Bok - Callanan - Christakos -  Clarke - Clifford - Ferguson - Heighton - Holbrook - Johnstone - Jordon - Lane - Letourneau - Lush - Moritz - Nichol - Nowlan - Sampson - Thran - Wells

ISBN 978­1­926948­18­8 — Price $22.

How Thought Feels: the poetry of M.Travis Lane
Literary Criticism Monograph: number five
Shane Neilson, editor
Essays by Jan Zwicky,
Jeanette Lynes
and Shane Neilson

Travis Lane is a sorely neglected poet from New Brunswick. With over fifteen books of poetry published, her poetry has sung largely out of earshot of the Canadian poetry establishment. She is also a humble woman and did not grab the megaphone to force people to listen. In How Thought Feels, Frog Hollow Press grabs the megaphone. Celebrated poet, philosopher, and essayist Jan Zwicky considers Lane's poetics; Jeanette Lynes situates Lane in the ecopoetics tradition; and Shane Neilson considers demographic and thematic factors (especially Lane's superlative moral-ethical-spiritual work) which reinforce Lane's ongoing neglect. Because Lane has served as a poetry reviewer for over fifty years, and because her prose is the spiritual antecedent to the critical prose in this volume, How Thought Feels provides a complete prose bibliography on Lane as well as two unique compiled long poems that scavenge elements from Travis' poetry to make for a coherent statement upon Lane's central concerns as poet.

Printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Via Vellum and Smyth-sewn into a full-colour soft cover. Endpapers. Other details to follow.

Edition of 150 numbered copies.
ISBN 978-1-926948-23-2 — Price $27.50.

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Literary Criticism monographs — number 4
(see catalogue for details):

Living in the Orchard: the Poetry of Peter Sanger
  Literary Criticism Monograph: number four
by Amanda Jernigan 
Artwork by John Haney
ISBN 978­1­926948­15­7 — Price $22.

Crito di Volta (I-IV, VII and XIII)
Poetry by Marc di Saverio

Marc Di Saverio has applied his preternatural poetic abilities to the epic form. Frog Hollow Press is proud to present completed poem-fragments from the beginning of Crito Di Volta, Marc's epic, a blistering work meant to change the way mental illness is perceived in Canada. Marc's own art illustrates the poems.

Printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Via Vellum and Smyth-sewn into a full-colour soft cover. Endpapers. 36 pp.

Edition of 125 numbered copies.
ISBN 978-1-926948-29-4 — Price $20

The City Series: number two - Fredericton
Rebecca Salazar, Guest Editor

The Poets:
Carson Butts – allison calvern – Benjamin Dugdale – Katie Fewster-Yan – Jennifer Houle – Lisa Jodoin – Micheal Meagher – Patrick O’Reilly –Noah Page – Hayden Wheeler

Printed on 70 lb. paper and Saddle Stitched (stapled) into a full colour cover. 40 pp.

Edition of 150 copies
ISBN 978-1-926948-28-7 – Price $10.00 (incl. postage)

The City Series: number one – Vancouver
Michael Prior, Guest Editor

The Poets:
Emily Chou – Emily Davidson – Ruth Daniell - Sugar le Fae – Megan Jones – Darius Kinney - Alesandra Naccarato – Shazia Hafiz Ramji - Laura Ritland – Shaun Robinson

Wunderkind Michael Prior assembles together ten Vancouver poets who are all unpublished in book or chapbook form. He has sought out talented people whose verse somehow represents his city's poetic and introduced that poetic in personal prose. The poets in The City Series: Vancouver constitute a cross-section of poetry that is diverse, brainy, and emotional, upending stereotypes about Vancouver as a poetry-town.

Printed on 70 lb. paper and Saddle Stitched (stapled) into a full colour cover. 40 pp.

Reviewed in Maisonneuve Magazine.

Edition of 150 copies
ISBN 978-1-926948-26-3 — Price $10.00 (incl. postage)

Poetry chapbook by Robert Colman

Rob Colman embraces the theme of factory work and industrial decline to create a poetics of parts. These parts work together to create a kind of found, cut life that mocks white collar hypocrisy as much as it satirizes the empty pleasures of sex. In the end, this impressive collection seems to say, there is only verisimilitude and the real pleasure of form.

Edition of 100 copies
ISBN 978-1-926948-25-6 — Price $18


The Story of the Scroll Series

Once upon a time, an editor of a chapbook press was working on one of his own  poems, a long one, called "New Brunswick: A Timeline Legend." The editor was  struggling to articulate the problems his dead mother faced in the province of her  birth and death. The editor was grieving, and he did what people who are grieving  do: he shared his macro­elegy with another. In the editor's case, he shared his poem  with his close friend, Caryl Peters, who is also the publisher of Frog Hollow Press.

Caryl responded as friends do - she offered support, recognizing the poem  to be a medium for grief. And the editor and the publisher continued on their daily  work. Months later, before the editor was about to leave his home in Oakville by car,  setting out for a poetry conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick, a strangely  shaped package - a cylinder - arrived in the mail. In two days it would be the editor’s  birthday. The cylinder was sent by Caryl.

Suspecting a birthday gift, the editor opened the cylinder and was  astonished: he found inside a scroll with "New Brunswick: A Timeline Legend"  printed on it. Tied tight with bailer twine, he unfurled the scroll and, to an empty  room, began to read the poem aloud, seeing it differently based on Caryl's  imaginative design. The physical object was huge, like the province of the editor's  birth, like the historical record of the editor's home. The editor knew he must read  this scroll at the upcoming conference.

Which he did in the church of poetry, Memorial Hall at the University of  New Brunswick. After his reading, a number of people approached the editor,  wondering what the scroll looked like. The happy reception the object received  caused the editor to think: the world needs more of these scrolls, it needs to see more  of Caryl's talents lavished on extravagantly long poems!

And so the editor is, at this moment, metaphorically back in his car,  travelling around Canada, looking for manageably long poems to liberate from  pagination! The editor invites poems for scrolling only, there is no submission  process. Each scroll in the series, pictured here on the website, can be purchased  directly from the editor only, in person, for $50 at events that have a Frog Hollow  presence. Only 10 copies of each scroll are printed, of which 7 are made available  for sale. If you wish to arrange private delivery, write and we  will consider it.

David Seymour, With Love, Jan

Jeffery Donaldson, Slack Action

Natalie Helberg, dearest Naoko, who said horseshit is astronomical

These long poem Scrolls are printed with pigment inks on archival and acid-free Zerkall Ingres paper and measure approximately 16.5 x 23.4 inches each.
Each is printed in a numbered, limited edition of 10 copies.

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